Can we please stop comparing women to Ayesha Curry?


Can we please stop comparing everyday women to Ayesha Curry, like asap?

If you’re not living under a rock, I’m sure  you’ve seen the #Ayeshacurrymemes on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook by now. The memes started after Ayesha made the controversial statement that she prefers to stay covered up vs. showing off her body online.

“Everyone’s into barely wearing clothes these days, huh? Not my style. I like to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters,”she tweeted, pissing some people off and getting praise from others.

A lot of men have surprisingly agreed with Ayesha’s statement and have been pretty vocal about wanting an “Ayesha” in their lives. Check out some of the comments below.


If only it were that simple, right?


Of course, because no woman has ever supported her man before, right? Just Ayesha?

This is the thing-there are several “Ayesha Currys” out there. There always has been and always will be. Contrary to what you see online, there are “conservative” women who prefer to not showcase their bodies on the internet. This is nothing new. I know several of them. I am one. The problem is that most of these “Ayeshas” get overlooked in everyday life. Most men have encountered “Ayeshas” from high school through adulthood and bypassed her for the “Kim Kardashians” and “Blac Chynas” of the world because “Ayesha” was too boring and homely or because they wanted a quick nut and weren’t willing to put in the work to get “Ayesha.”

I’ll never forget the last day of my senior year in high school when a guy in my class which I had no interest in, put his hands around my shoulder and said to me, “Amber, I really like you. You’re cute, but I need a girl that puts out and you look like the type of girl that would make me wait, so we would never work–” Yea, he said that shit to me. He liked me, the “Ayesha,” the homely, nerd, but wanted to settle for a “Kim K” for quick sexual satisfaction.You see what I mean?


Half of these men that are saying they need an “Ayesha” are not Steph Curry’s their damn selves. They’re not “men of God” staying faithful to one woman. They’re not family men, supporting their children. Half of them wouldn’t even know how to approach a woman like Ayesha or know how to treat her in the first place. Why should a woman conduct herself like Ayesha if you don’t even have your shit together? What these men need to do is take a damn seat.


And some of these “hoes” that these men are comparing to Ayesha Curry may have been “Ayeshas” before but got tired of being overlooked. Have you ever thought about that? And newsflash, just because a woman dresses provocatively does not mean she is promiscuous and just because she dresses like a Pentecostal does not mean she is wholesome. There are women who dress like “hoes” but are prudes in bed. And there are women that appear to be “wholesome” that when finally comfortable with you will suck the soul out of your dick. Don’t be fooled by appearance.

These same men that are calling females “hoes” for semi-nude pics on Instagram are the same dudes posting thirsty comments under their pictures. Don’t be a hypocrite.

Ayesha Curry is not the issue. I like her. She and Steph are adorable. They have a beautiful family. However, making her the standard for women to live up to is problematic, especially if we don’t hold men to the same standards of her husband. There is nothing wrong with being an “Ayesha-“wholesome, conservative, supportive wife; or “Kim Kardashian,” in touch with your sexuality and half naked on Instagram. Women should be whoever the hell they want to be. Comparing other women to Ayesha is sexist and does nothing to uplift women. No, I would never post nude online or leak a porno, but I will never judge another woman for doing that. It’s her choice.




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