8 Signs it’s time to quit your job

Photo by By Sunshinecity

Let’s face it, we’ve all complained about having to clock in at the office at some point. We all can come up with things we would much rather be doing, like going to the beach, hiking or shopping. It’s pretty normal to occasionally want to play hooky at work. But if you find yourself always  griping about the job or you can’t find anything you like about it, then it may be time for you to part ways and seek employment somewhere else. Here are a few signs that it may be time to quit:

  1. You dread Mondays every Monday

Sure, we all would like a 3-day weekend every now and then, but you feel like this every. single. Monday. You throw a hissy fit and sob into your pillow when your alarm goes off. You hit the snooze button more than once to avoid getting out of bed. When you do finally manage to get out of bed, you drag your feet while leaving the house.

      2.   You’re job is effecting your health

Thinking about going to work gives you anxiety or panic attacks. You’re so stressed out that you’re losing or gaining weight. You can’t sleep at night. You feel depressed and stressed out all the time.

  1. You have a boss from hell

You’re manager micromanages everything you do and nothing you do is ever good enough. He’s unprofessional or makes you uncomfortable. You avoid you’re boss whenever possible. Maybe you’ve complained to your director about your manager and nothing is done about it.

  1. No room for growth

You’ve been at your job for 2-3 years and you’re still in the same position. There’s no room for advancement or anyway to transfer to another department, leaving  you bored.

  1. You imagine yourself in another career

You spend more time daydreaming at your desk about what career field you would rather being doing, than actually doing your current job.

  1. You don’t care about your job

You couldn’t care less about the mission of the company. You’re not passionate or excited about the position at all. It’s just a paycheck to you. You’re only working there because you need a paycheck.

  1. You’re skills are not being used

You’re a marketing major, working in customer service at a call center. You studied journalism but are a barista at Starbucks. Your skills and education are not being fully used.Not doing what you’re good or passionate about leaves you unfulfilled.

  1. You’re reading this

The fact that you read this is a good indication that you are not as happy with your job as you could be. You are at least considering leaving. If any of these points apply to you, then now may be the time to act. A lot of people stay in dead-end jobs due to security and being comfortable. Of course, you want to keep a roof over your head, I get it. But life is short, as cliche as that sounds. Do what makes you truly happy. Take that leap of faith and start your search for better. Best of luck!